Baby Nugg

Baby Nugg

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The baby OG nugget earrings, perfect for when you're feeling a little bold. Styled with a huggie hoop earring and jade stud, these earrings are the perfect mix for your every day look.

Earring Set

Color: 14K Gold

Material: Brass

Huggie Hoop Size: 1/2"

Huggie Hoop Width: 3/32"

Jade Stud Size: 11/64"

*All Kae jewelry goes through our signature triple gold dipped plating process

Care For Your Kae
Some helpful tips once you receive your Kae: 
  • Put your jewelry on last, especially after you have finished applying your lotions, fragrances, hairspray, perfume, makeup, etc.
  • After each wear, gently wipe with a soft jewelry cloth and store nicely in a jewelry box 
  •  Don't wear jewelry in the bath or shower, remember water, soap, and other bath products can damage your jewelry.
  • We always recommend to put your jewels on last to minimize the exposure to any chemicals.
  • Don't wear jewelry in the pool, chlorine and salt water can damage your jewelry.
  • Remove jewelry items first when undressing as this will prevent your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings getting caught on your clothes and get damaged.


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